Sunday, April 4, 2010

I have been wanting so badly to make some outfits for my Annette Himstedt dolls. Someone gave me some dresses that were made by a doll dress seamstress and I was able to alter those and add some accessories. I had a very cute baby sweater that I altered, a hat that I had to cut down and I made ear rings and a necklace to match. Doesn't she look sweet? I listed the outfit on ebay but is is not going for very much. Right now I will hardly get the cost of the dress, much less the accessories I added.
But it was still fun and I have a few more dresses to accessorize and alter. What a beautiful doll!
Whatcha' think? These two girls were made using blank muslim bendable starter dolls. You know, the ones no one uses because they are so plain. Well, I suppose some people must use them or they wouldn't sell them. Anyway, I've never used them. But I had purchased a couple at a craft/antique store and ended up using them as demos for face painting. Then I got into it and painted their bodies and the underwear.
The red head has felt hair and the blonde has baby yarn.
They were fun to make and pretty easy. Now if I could just find more! I can't find any more with the 'baseball' heads and the full straight unseamed legs! I'll have to take a trip to Tennessee and see if I can find anymore where I got these.
I love blogs. But I seen to always be to busy to work on mine. A long time ago I realized that I had way more things to do than I really should be doing. But it has been too hard to let any of them go. I enjoy all the things I do. But lately my health and my household have been suffering. I read recently that this 'thing' I'm going through can actually be a good thing as it causes one to review and renew their priorities and then cut out the things that could be causing stress and difficulties.
I have two children that are expecting children of their own. YEA!!!! Plus, I have a step grandson and a new step grand daughter. By Halloween of this year I will have 4 grandchildren where I only before had one. OH... this 'thing' I am going through is called the "change of life". Or, menopause and it is no fun at all.
All this said... I am going to have to make some changes in my life and rethink my priorities. It is hard for my brain to process too many things at once and I find myself loosing things, forgetting things and unable to process thoughts that before were simple. The few things that are not difficult anymore are making dolls, playing music, and taking care of the house and yard. Those things give me so much pleasure,,,, oh... and being with my family and doing 'grandma' things. So for those of you who follow my posts I just thought I would put a note in about what's going on with me. Expect more blogging, that's easy stuff.