Friday, August 31, 2012

Cupboard Pantry

I had wished for a long time that I had a pantry in my kitchen.  Even though I am married to a Contractor I knew I would not be getting one built.  So I purchased a wooden entertainment center and took the doors and hardware off.  Then I had my husband put on molding on the top and I painted the entire thing.  I also add new dental molding to the front.   It did not come out like I had originally planned but I like it.
I still have the top cabinet doors to put on.  But first I am doing the faux stained glass on them with Gallery Glass.  I have the design on one of the doors.
Now I just have to add the color.  I'm having trouble deciding what colors to use as I want some of it to be clear so that you can see the canned goods inside.  But I want red to match the doors and trim.  I'll post a finished photo as well as the before photo once I am done.