Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Challenge doll. She represents the Seasons of Change. She is holding her little dolly and her first pair of high heel shoes. She has lovely painted toenails and fingernails. I had wanted to give her ear rings but forgot. I guess it's too late now as she is off to be a model tomorrow.

Doll Challenge

I got another nice surprise in my email box Friday morning. The prescence of a doll I made for a challenge has been requested by the magazine. I am assuming that means she may be moving up through the ranks. But at least they wanted a closer look. I enjoyed making her and she is a pattern from a nice doll lady who is on at least one of the doll making groups I am a member of.

Now I can tell.

Now it is ok for me to tell that the last doll I made, the Paper clay and cloth Griener repro, was for a swap. My Swap partner made me the most beautiful needle felted doll. As soon as I get her picture I am going to post it.

I was able to take both swap dolls ( because I had not shipped mine out yet) to my doll club and everyone just loved them both. That was my very first doll swap and I think I got the best swap partner!

You can the dolls at the blog of the swap host Vivian Neroni.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I have finally finished my little Greiner repro dolly. I love her. I patterned her dress after one I had seen in a picture. Her little pearls are plastic but I don't mind because they still look pretty on her.
She is a doll that I made for a swap. I hope my swap partner likes her. She is antiqued on her head just a little and some people may not like the slightly grungy look. But it is only enough to make her look older. I did not age her outfit as i think the fabric looks older anyway. I will send instructions for aging the fabric so she can do that if she wants to. The lace is all vintage cotton lace as well.

Monday, March 3, 2008

This is Dolly Dingle. She and her little dolly are two of the creations I made representing vintage dolls of the past. Dolly has been adopted and she took her little raggedy with her.

To see more of my dolls you can check out my picture trail or my website. I will soon be updating my website with a page dedicated to dolls for sale.

I've been so busy redecorating my sewing and craft room that I have not had time to dedicate to learning about blogging. Technology keeps changing and I must be getting too old to care about keeping up with it. I have spent three weeks cleaning, painting, organizing, throwing out and giving away. I still have more than I need. I hope to be able to share my crafting space with friends and young people so that they can have fun in my fun space too.
I usually have a Christmas Craft night once a week for four to five weeks in a row before Christmas. Friends come over and we make something for Christmas decorating or gifts. I could not do it last year because my daughter was getting married and I was too busy. But also there was no room! Now, if I can just keep it clean until the end of the year I can start it back up again.
I have not figured out how to add pictures here yet. So, if you are interested in seeing pictures of my craft room or my dolls, feel free to check out my picture trail or my website.