Sunday, October 31, 2010

New things to do

Well... I participated in my first blog hop. It is one for card making lovers. I saw some cool things and learned about new techniques. If you are interested in stamping you can see the new "digi stamps" and cards here.
I am looking forward to making some cards again.
On another note. I hope you all had a happy Halloween. I am looking forward to November and all the family fun and creative things that will be bringing for me. My first cool thing is that I will be going to Tennessee to my sister's mountain home. I will get to play music with a man who played in my father's bluegrass band when I was young.
Then the next weekend I will be going to a doll workshop taught by Susie McMahon. What wonderful dolls she makes. I hope I will learn something new.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I picked up my State Fair entries today. I will take pictures soon and post some of them.

I recently discovered digi-stamping. I used to be a rubber stamp demonstrator for a major company and only quit because I was spending more money than I was making. At one point I started designing stamps and have sold a few of my Hammered Dulcimer designs. Now I am getting interested in finding ways to use my graphic art and previously designed stamp images as digi stamps.

That is one of my images above. It was part of a "Quilted Cuties" series I had made. There are seven already created and never distributed.

The way I understand it people can purchase images online to download and then use like they would stamp images to make cards, scrapbook pages, crafts. I took this image and colored it using photoshop and then layered it over backgrounds, used a star brush and a little of my graphic talents and made this card. It is strictly a digital card so there are no embelishments that I would normally put on a card.

At any rate... we will see where this leads.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Woah! It has been a long time since I posted anything. I have been really busy keeping my new little doll baby Lillianna. What a wonder to see all the new 'first's. In fact, today she rolled over by herself for the first time. Of course, no one was there to really see it because she was in the bed.

I also had another exciting adventure when I was able to see my second little granddaughter being born the end of September. So I am doubly blessed this summer. Plus gaining a new 7 year old granddaughter when my son married her mom. So this year I gained 3 new granddaughters.

Emily, the 7 year old, and I put more things in the craft competitions at the State Fair this year. I won 10 (or 11) ribbons and Emily won 3. We were very happy.
Here is my little Savannah Rose. She is now 3 weeks old. Today we discovered that she has "Cat Eye Syndrome" in one eye. We are praying that it will not be a problem for her.
I do not get to see her as often as Lillianna, but maybe as she gets older she will want to come and play with her cousin that is only three months older.

I am still working on dolls, just not as often. I have a few to post so maybe soon I will be able to catch up.
In the mean time you have to see this picture..