Friday, March 25, 2011

Doin' Dolls

Yea!!  I get to work on dolls again.  Keeping a little baby every day takes lots of my hours away that I would normally get to be creative in any way I chose.  But now I have to be creative on how to get a baby to quit sucking up all the dirty things off the floor as she crawls over them.  Or how to be creative gettting a baby to take a nap when she THINKS she wants to stay up and play.
Well... I had a good motivator in that I am making the helper doll for one of my UFDC clubs to send to the national convention this year.  She is all done. Now for the thing that I am the worst (or the best?) at procrastinating over.... the underwear.  The lady even has dresses.  But no underwear.

I really like the way her face turned out.  She has a pensive look.  I might turn her the corners of her mouth up just a little but maybe not.  Her dress is one from my Lilly Grace collection and I am in the process of adding some lace and frills to the dress and bonnet.  I will have another dress and a shawl for her before she is done.  But oh the underwear!
Her hair is made by sculpting ooey, gooey, gluey thread onto her head.

I'll post a finished picture of her when she is done with her unders and shawl.