Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This has been such a busy two (no three!) months for me. I am almost done with the nobel doc doll. I have been having a hard time making a mold of the chocolate nobel prize medalion for him to hold. And I can't seem to find glasses that will work for his face. The doll glasses are too small and people glasses are too large.

I made his sweater using a sweater that belonged to the real nobel prize recipient. I did not have a pattern but drew one out on freezer paper and then ironed it to the original sweater. Then stitched around each piece so that it would not come unraveled when I cut it out.

I think it came out very nicely although it does not come off or on very easily.
I may have to try this for some of my other dolls using sweaters bought at a thrift store.
Beats trying to knit them from scratch!

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