Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Making Time

It seems that I have been finding time to work on creative endevors. I now have two days of the week free that I did not have before and I have been taking time to work on and finish some projects that have been hanging over my head for years.
I finally finished the pattern for the Lithograph doll and the romper.  I purchased the doll on ebay thinking that i would be able to make a pattern for her and sell the pattern to reimburse the cost of the doll.  But it took me too long to finally offer the pattern and the people who had originally they would purchase the doll have not done so. 
I have the doll pattern now availalbe in four sizes.  The original 24" doll, 18", 12" and 8".
You can see them here

The doll looks like this
This is the prototype doll made from my pattern.  She is wearing the romper that came on the original doll.
All the years of working and drawing and sewing.  I am happy to have finally finished the project and to have it available. I think though I am learning that trying to make money by designing, making and selling dolls or patterns is just not worth it.  From now on I plan to make dolls or patterns because I want to. Then if I happen to make some money from it then that will just be icing on the cake.
I am also working on some Christmas Carolers I started before Christmas in 2010.  I have one finished and will post pictures soon.   I am also enjoying making "Spool Birds".  They are not made from spools, but come from the Spool Sewing website.   I'll post pics of them and the site.
I am having horrible problems at this time working on my posts.  It seems that my browser is no longer supported by Blogger and so parts of Blogger will not work.  Blogger wants me to try another browser, basically- Google Chrome.   A nasty way to make people switch if you ask me.  So I'll be researching the ways to get around this.

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