Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Challenge doll. She represents the Seasons of Change. She is holding her little dolly and her first pair of high heel shoes. She has lovely painted toenails and fingernails. I had wanted to give her ear rings but forgot. I guess it's too late now as she is off to be a model tomorrow.


vivian said...

well.. how come I didnt know you had a blog!? thanks for the link! I'll post it!
and yes, I will send you angies picture or you can just grab it off my blog if you want.

Angie said...

She's wonderful, Cindy. I love what you did with the pattern. Her face and expression is absolutely charming. I love the colors you chose for her.
I started a doll from Ike's pattern but wasn't happy with the head shape. I like yours very much, though. I should try again.