Monday, March 3, 2008

I've been so busy redecorating my sewing and craft room that I have not had time to dedicate to learning about blogging. Technology keeps changing and I must be getting too old to care about keeping up with it. I have spent three weeks cleaning, painting, organizing, throwing out and giving away. I still have more than I need. I hope to be able to share my crafting space with friends and young people so that they can have fun in my fun space too.
I usually have a Christmas Craft night once a week for four to five weeks in a row before Christmas. Friends come over and we make something for Christmas decorating or gifts. I could not do it last year because my daughter was getting married and I was too busy. But also there was no room! Now, if I can just keep it clean until the end of the year I can start it back up again.
I have not figured out how to add pictures here yet. So, if you are interested in seeing pictures of my craft room or my dolls, feel free to check out my picture trail or my website.

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