Thursday, October 9, 2008

The State Fair

The State Fair will soon be here. I have always wanted to put something in the competition at the fair. This year I have sent in my registration for 4 items. A rubber stamped 'special folds' card, a gourd ornament, a sculpted doll and a miscellaneus gourd item.

My misc. gourd item has turned out to be a fantasy creation.
I have to take all the items to the fair grounds by Saturday and I have worked two days on this one piece - well... and the card as well.

The card was made using a method that I designed after seeing one similar in a store. When you take it out of the envelop it is flat. You have to open the watering can and all the flowers become three dimensional. I made an envie to match.

The gourd ornie was one I made which is similar to others I have made over the years. I really enjoy making these and have made a few Santas, some Dolly Dingles, Snowmen, and this cat.

The doll I am sending is one I made at a workshop at John C Campbell Folk School under the direction of Akira Blount. It has a paper clay head over sculpted cloth. The body is cloth. The baby is all soft sculpted. Since someone has already bought this set of dolls I am considering sending something else as I am afraid something might happen to them.
Last, the fantasy gourd creation is made from one gourd. I added arms with a wire armature and paper clay leaves on her head. Her baby is made from a little gourd. The body of both the baby and the mother are crackled but it is hard to see that in the picture. I may have to antique both just a little.

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