Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My new doll is almost done. I have taken a long time to get this one finished. Her name is Willa.

I love everything about her and am looking forward to making another one with an easier body.

She needs shoes and underware. I also need to decide how I like her hair best and if I want a hat for her. I think I am most satisfied with the picture above. Although I had made her an apron and a hat as well.

There will certainly be things that I will do differently with the next one. But I am so happy to have this one at this stage.
I still have a few orders that I need to work on. It is so hard at this point to get around to starting them. I think I have burned out on making dolls for others and just needed some time to work on some of my own projects.
I will be teaching Hammered Dulcimer at the Swannanoa Gathering the week of Aug 2- 8 at the Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC. I am looking forward to that. If there are any out there that live in the area please stop by and take in the concert on Monday night. I will be playing in that as well and my sister will accompany me.


Susie McMahon said...

She's just divine, Cindy!
I like the first picture too (without hat)
I see you solved the wig problem. Did you use a piece of Tibetan lamb?

Wish I could take in the concert - I met a dulcimer maker when I was (where was it now?) in Kentucky I think it was. I was mightily tempted to bring one home for my son, who is a great afficionado of bluegrass fiddle and mandolin - I know he would have loved a dulcimer - maybe next time!

Dixie Sargent Redmond said...

Cindy - She's beautiful! You make dolls and play music - I do that, too!

clothnclay said...

Love her sweet face! You did a beautiful job! Becky