Thursday, November 11, 2010

Workshop with Susie McMahon

I spent the past weekend in Maryland learning some new techniques for creating dolls. The teacher was Susie McMahon and the host was Rose Gibbons. Rose hosts doll workshops on a regular basis. And Susie was in the states (from Australia) teaching workshops around the US. I was really blessed to be able to participate in the one at Rose's house.
My doll is very close to being done and I will post a picture of her soon. If you would like to see some of Susie's dolls check out...

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Susie McMahon said...

Hey Cindy,
Got back home yesterday - even went to orchestra this evening. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished doll!

It was great to meet you at Rose's - I had a wonderful trip all up, but I was glad to get home, too.