Sunday, December 4, 2011

It is December.  I do not post as often as I would like.  I have been having fun at the Christmas Crafting parties that I have here at my house once a week.  And although I've only finished one doll, I've been slowly working on a few. 
My granddaughter's birthday is this week and we had her birthday party at my house today.  I worked for hours on a doll for her that she can dress and style the hair and learn to make clothes for.  I used a Vogue pattern and it was not what i really had in mind.  But the doll is pretty anyway.
First, the pattern called for gathers under the chin.
Here you can see the gathers.  Her face is pretty. I just wish the head pattern had been different.  The body was fatter than I wanted and I decided AFTER I had attached the head to make the body smaller.  I made a dart in the back by stitching it by hand toward the outside.  And then I pushed the dart to the inside and ladder stitched it into the body.  WHEW!   But then I still was not happy so I opened a side seam and pulled out stuffing and took up both side seams by hand.  The fatter body probably would have been fine with the large head.  But that is not what i wanted.
I altered some baby clothes and old doll clothes to make outfits for the doll as well.

I shortened the dress and apron that you see here.  OH.. her hair is made from hair wefts that I got from a beauty supply store.  I sewed them in circles around her head starting from the bottom.  I tried to get them close enough where my granddaughter could style it any way she wanted.  I'll have to buy more and add a couple of rows another day.  the doll has a LOT of hair.

It got me in the mood to do another.  Maybe I'll finish some others first.

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Bama said...

She turned out very cute! I'm sure she was very pleased with her doll.