Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beautiful Fall

I can't believe that it is October already.  The leaves are just starting to turn here.  I can't wait until the colors get vivid and the leaves start to fall.  I have my granddaughters to take outside and play in the crisp air and warm colors.
I finally finished the dolls I had talked about in May.   The sculpted face doll was painted a long time ago but I just recently tweaked it and like it much better.

I think she turned out really cute.  But I am not enamored with her so she is on ebay right now waiting to go to a new home.
I have also started my Christmas Crafting Party Night at my home.  I have a few ladies who come over and we make Christmas Ornaments or small gifts.  Below is a picture of the first kind of ornaments we made.  Little Mittens and Ribbon Candy.  I got both patterns off my newest favorite website....   Better Homes and Gardens.   Did you know that you can find on the website for free the same things that are in the magazine for a price?

We have started some OKRA Santa Clauses and I will post their pictures later.  They take longer as we have to sculpt the paperclay faces.  Some of the ladies did not think they would be able to do the faces but they did a wonderful job.

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Heera said...

The doll is beautiful Cindy. The Christmas ornaments are very cute too.