Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Old Kitchen Cupboard

I finally finished a project that I have been slowly working on for 6 months.   I purchased an entertainment center for $50 at a thrift store to turn into a free standing pantry for my kitchen. It was a good purchase as the center was real wood and had electrical wiring for the upper and middle part of the cabinet.  The upper part has a built in light and glass doors.
I had already taken off the doors and hardware before I remembered to take a picture.  So this is what it looked like before.
I painted it a dark green and was going to paint over with white and then distress it.  But I liked the green so much I decided to use the green as the primary color and distress that.  So after adding the black to the interior and red pattern to the doors I could not decide on what color to paint the back inside.  Green would have hidden the plants i planned to put in there and black seemed to dark.  So I ended up painting it like the textured faux venetian wall.  It looks so much like the wall (even without the texture) that you can't tell.  It looks like it has no back panel.  I'm not sure I like that but for now it will have to do.  Last was to put in the gallery glass paint for the faux stained glass doors.  I ran out of paint at one time and had to order more off of ebay as I could not find it at any of the craft stores.  Putting the doors back on was no easy matter either, but it is done and I really like it.  This is what people see when they come in the door.
See what I mean about the back panel looking like the wall?  I had the light on in the top cabinet when I took the picture
.  The trim and molding that I added make a huge difference in how the cabinet looks.  I took the clunky molding off to replace it with dental molding which I had painted black. I painted the cabinet red under beneath the molding.  You can just see the  molding under the top and bottom cabinet. The top molding has small dentals and I painted a line of red under it to match the other dental molding.  

Here is a before and after picture of the spot where I put the cabinet.
I put the tree outside for now.  We received it as a gift for our 25th wedding anniversary and there is no way that i would get rid of it. So I will have to come up with a place for it. I moved the wreath over and got rid of the cheap wire rack on which the plants sit.  I think the bottom doors are a little too much and may distress them more. You can't see it in the pictures but I distressed the doors so that some of the natural wood comes through which matches the door knobs.  I still may decide to paint the back panel black or green or maybe the color of the interior of the top cabinet which is just a mild yellow color.  It holds  a LOT of stuff.  I  have my canned good (as in stuff that I canned) in the top and the colors are nice through the glass.  I still need to order a glass shelf for the inside.

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