Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy October

It's been a long time since I last posted.  Life goes on.  I love my grandchildren and I have lots of opportunities to be with them.  I guess it just really keeps me busy.  However, I still seem to have had time to make a few creations which I put into the NC State Fair.  I was also able to help my 9 year old granddaughter make some things which she put into the fair. 

This is the doll I made. It comes from a pattern I found in the Soft Dolls and Animals magazine dated 2007 and created by Darlene Rausch.  Darlene is a yahoo group friend and is very talented.  The came close to looking as sweet as Darlene's but maybe a couple more tries and I'll actually get it right.  She won a blue first place ribbon as well as a great big Best of Show ribbon.   I think the Best of Show is intended for the toys and handcrafts category under the "SEwing " heading.   It's hard to know really.  But I was pleased.
She is wearing a wig so I made everything but her hair and socks.
The next  picture is of the gourd creation I made which went into the category of "Gourd Creature".  It won a red ribbon. 

It is made from an egg gourd with paper clay ears, nose, feet and tail.
The last pic is of the gourd singing lady.  I seem to do at least one of these every year.  This is not one of the best I have made.  But I procrastinated and then had to hurry to finish.

She has some endearing qualities though.

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