Sunday, May 29, 2011

Before May is Gone

May is almost over.  I was hoping to get two dolls finished that I had started a long time ago.  I'm getting closer and that is a comfort.  So here I can show off my progress. 
I have finished the little monster doll using the face I made from one of Susie McMahon's molds.  I don't know what to name her but she has found a curiousity and I think I will call her the "Finder of Most Curious Things."

She has found a broken egg gourd.  And inside are the dried contents. (which by the way.. really were I found inside when I broke it open.)  Sort 'loofa' like.  It was not what I had intended for her.  And maybe I will go back to the original plan.  But the little gourd is kind of cool and she wanted to keep it.

She had to have a tail so I gave her one that bends.
It has a layered felt tip that I clipped and then twisted to get this effect.

It helps her keep her balance and gives her something to hold on to when she is just a little bored.  It's also good for wiping dirty faces.

I have also been working on a doll that has a face I made using a mold from a kit I purchased on line at a shop called Sisers and DAughters.  I made a paper clay face using the mold and then sculpted more paper clay over that to make it more original.
I covered it with knit fabric and then stuffed that.   I attached it to a body made using a pattern from the same kit.  I attached the limbs using Judy Ward's method.  And I attached the head with Judy's method so that her head turns in all directions.  She needs a wig and I hate to use purchased wigs but I may have to if I want to finish her soon.  I do have some mohair and some pieces of alpaca skins that I can turn into a wig.  She has green eyes so I will have to choose a color that goes well with that.

This is her before I finished.   Her body is muslin and I painted it when I painted her knit face. I gessoed the face but I do not like muslin bodies that have been gessoed.  They are too stiff and the fabric tears too easily.

I am pleased with how these dolls have turned out.  I have to decide what era and how I want this doll dressed.  I am partial to little girl dresses and pantaloons that match.  But I like to use lots of colors and matching trims.   More later.


Bama said...

I love both of your new dolls. I wish I ahd the talent and the patience to do such things. I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful work.

Susie McMahon said...

Great work Cindy! The little Zozie turned out so c-u-u-u-te. And the other doll will be a beauty!