Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Day in May

Today is the last day in May.  I had wanted to finish my two little dollies before tomorrow.  I have one done and I acquired a wig for the other yesterday while visiting with my doll restorer friend Dr. Re'.  (www.drresdollclinic.com)
I chose a dark braided wig.  I thought it looked really good on her.   But then I saw an advertisement for the movie Pollyanna.   I have always loved that movie and have wanted to make a Pollyanna doll with every costume that is shown on the movie.  Wouldnt that be cool.  And I realized that my little doll resembles Pollyanna.  But if I turn her into that character I would not want to sell her (which is my original goal) and I would have to change her dark wig to a light one.   hmmmm..   before I do that I need to play around with her face on photoshop to see if I want to change anything.   I love photoshop.

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