Monday, December 14, 2015

Fair Weather

I had posted some of the pictures of last years State Fair entries.  Now for some pictures of this years fair entries. I submitted 29 entries and got 19 ribbons.  These are just a few that I could find pictures for easily.
A gourd birdhouse.  Got 1st place.

Three little felt Christmas ornaments.  Got honorable mention or something like that.

 This is an owl on a pumpkin made from one gourd.

I used paper clay to make the additions and pine cone petals for the tail.  It was entered into a "painted gourd" category.  It got 1st place.

This is another birdhouse that got 2nd place.

I really enjoyed making this card.  It did not get any ribbon. But I had fun. And someone will get a sweet card for Christmas.

This was my favorite piece.  It is made from gourds and cloth.

I made the bird's nest from the inside of a gourd and the bird from a nut thing.  Added paper clay and feathers.

Her head is an egg gourd.  Her arms and legs are cloth ona wire armature.

I had been wanting to paint a picture of a doll.  This got a fourth place.  I did not expect it to get anything so I was ok with that.

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