Monday, December 14, 2015

Thought I would share a cute little idea I had while my granddaughter was staying with me.  She got this little bear at McDonalds and told me that she had a couple already.  I asked her if she wanted me to make it into a Christmas ornament and she said "yes".   So I decided to share the process.  Many things can be made into ornaments.  Some things would need to have a hanger glued to it but since this was cloth it was easy enough to sew a hanger to it.
So... let's turn this...                             into this..............

First , I removed the tag.   No one wants a tag hanging off their ornament.
Then we need to sew a hanger to the top of the bears head.   I made a knot in my thread and stuck the needle into the back of the bear head.  It doesn't matter where you stick it.... the knot is getting cut off before we are done and you won't see the entry point.
So you can see that I entered at the back of the head and came out at the top.
Then I make a couple of small stitches one on top of the other.  This sets the stitch so that I can cut the knot in the back without the thread pulling loose later.

Then find something you woud like to use as the hanger.  I like this little gold cord.
So I made a knot in it to form a loop.  And I sewed this to the top of the bear head.
I made a few stitches to hold the cord on securely and then I was ready to sink the thread and hide the "tail" of the thread.   
Just like in the beginning when I made a couple of small stitches to secure the thread so I could cut the starter knot, I did the same so I could then run the needle in at the stitches and then out farther away where I will cut it close to the head and you will no longer see the 'tail' of thread.
And now it hangs securely and can go on the tree.
Then I found a little bead wreath that looked good with the bear and I stitched it to the arm of the bear.  But even without the wreath it was cute enough for the tree.  
I have a bunch of those little Alexander dolls that McDonalds gave out years ago.... I think I will try those next.  Let me know what new (old) things you find to turn into ornaments

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